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Sep. 11th, 2015

I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was cross-posting to LJ from Twitter, I thought I'd turned that option off. I turned them off now.

Sep. 4th, 2015

Today I noticed that the Tumblr to Dreamwidth crossposts had really ugly formatting, so I just now turned them off. You won't see them anymore. Sorry about that.

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New comic:


Anyone who donates at least $2 this month can read my two-page comic, Hearts, about a kid trying to understand why people talk about love in the strange ways that they do.

The Quipu of the Hereafter

For all my patrons who donate at least $1, a short Halloween story. It seems a very sad story, to me. But then, I was there. The Quipu of the Hereafter.

Should I start using Livejournal again?

Content warnings: None.

I left Livejournal and moved to Dreamwidth a long time ago. Dreamwidth has nice policies. Now I'm wondering if I should have left Livejournal behind. I could post to both sites at the same time. Maybe it's more convenient for some people to read on Livejournal rather than on Dreamwidth. Would it be worth it to any of you if I started posting here again? If so, please say aye!

Reminder: I've moved

This is another reminder that I've stopped posting to this blog. I've moved to frameacloud on Dreamwidth. I post to it pretty often, but I usually don't make public posts there, so following it by RSS won't work. There's a lot of posts that are visible only to a relatively small audience. If you want to follow my blog, you need to have an account on Dreamwidth, and send me a PM asking me to grant you access, so that you can see my non-public posts. "Grant access" is Dreamwidth's version of Livejournal's "add friend" function.

See you there!

New book: Otherkin Lexicon

I just finished a new book! It's the Otherkin lexicon: A multi-lingual dictionary of jargon used in the communities of otherkin, therianthropes, and other similar peoples. You can read it here!

A specialized dictionary of over three hundred words and phrases used in the way of talk of the communities of otherkin, therianthropes, and similar peoples. (This abridged edition gives over one hundred words and phrases only.) Much of this jargon is only used by the communities in question, or with different senses than in standard talk. Their jargon sometimes makes their talk and writing hard to understand. This dictionary gives jargon from parts of those communities in English, as well as those in other languages, such as Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Ukrainian. Every definition includes source citations in endnotes, to show that the words are usually used as told here.

Contact information needed, please help

I'm continuing to work on my history book, the Otherkin Timeline. There are some people who I need to interview, but I can't find any functioning contact information for them. Can you help? Do you know their current contact information? Do you know of any friends of these people who could help me contact them?

Blackburn (S. M.), one of the first self-proclaimed dragons on alt.fan.dragons. Their addresses at Delphi and Mindspring are non-functional. They have a MySpace page, but since I don't have an account on that site, I can't send them a message. Can you?

Greffindel the Plaid, active on alt.fan.dragons during the Nineties. Their .edu address is non-functional. Does anyone know how to contact this person now?

Yaiolani, author of the Werewolf and Shapeshifter Codex, active on alt.horror.werewolves during the Nineties. Does anyone have a functioning e-mail address for Yaiolani?

KatmanDu, editor of the alt.horror.werewolves FAQ, active on alt.horror.werewolves during the Nineties. Their .edu and Negia e-mail addresses are both non-functional. Does anyone know how to contact them?

LanceFoxx, active on alt.horror.werewolves during the Nineties. I can't find an e-mail for them, so I settled for sending them a PM. That was over a year ago, and I haven't heard back from them yet. Does anyone have a functioning e-mail address for them?

Updated marginalia

Today, I updated my Marginalia upon Lupa's A Field Guide to Otherkin to version 0.2. It includes commentary from a few more readers now.
Today, I finished my commentary on Lupa’s book A Field Guide to Otherkin. Here it is. It’s 12 pages of updates, errata, and reader opinions about the book. It also includes some contextual resources: a list of writings that cite or review the book, and links to a few of the original surveys that have been made public. I’m still looking for more submissions from other readers, so if you have anything to add, please tell me.