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Why to leave LJ now

If you’ve got an account on Livejournal, it’s time to wipe it out and migrate to Dreamwidth instead, because Livejournal-- which has been Russian-owned for some years-- just moved their physical servers to Russia. That’s likely to be bad news for the privacy of folks posting there, especially if involved in LGBT issues and politics, because your content there is no longer protected by US laws. This thread has some tips on how to migrate your content from that site. You can migrate communities, too, comments and all.

After you've backed up your LJ content and migrated it to Dreamwidth, use LJ-Sec to mass delete all of your old Livejournal posts in just a few clicks. I've used LJ-Sec many times before for managing my LJ posts.

Some more places with information about this issue:

Diane Duane: Some links on the Livejournal situation

Metafilter: Livejournal represents social media without borders

I've now migrated completely from LJ to Dreamwidth. I won't post or crosspost to LJ anymore, only to Dreamwidth. I'm keeping my LJ account, and I may use it to comment or contact others, but that's all. Sigh... LJ was an important part of my life for many years, but all the people are going to be there even less than they had been.

[Edited 2017-01-01 to add more information.]

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